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Book Breaks New Ground in the Field of Counseling!

Harnessing the Power of Equine Assisted Counseling: Adding Animal Assisted Therapy to Your Practice provides licensed professional counselors ways in which they can use horses to help their clients deal with various traumas and abuse, anxiety, depression, atypical behaviors, and social skills and communication issues.


  • Edited by Dr. Kay Sudekum Trotter, who created some of the first empirical research proving the efficacy of Equine Assisted Counseling (EAC).
  • Brings together 28 counselors, psychologists and medical doctors from around the world to share their experiences in using EAC with clients.
  • Features step-by-step clinical protocols for incorporating EAC into any counselor’s existing practice.
  • Includes a chapter by internationally renowned “horse whisperer” Pat Parelli.
  • Little prior experience working with horses necessary.


Mental health professionals can now earn 16 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) on, an Internet approved provider of CEUs for mental health professionals.

Counselors can purchase the book through Dr. Trotter’s website at or at When they give correct answers to 18 out of 25 questions in the quiz, they will receive 16 CEUs.

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Dr Trotter research articleA Comparative Study of the Efficacy of Group Equine Assisted Counseling With At-Risk Children and Adolescents
Written by Dr. Kay Sudekum Trotter and published in the Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, this study highlights how Equine Assisted Counseling can be an effective mental health component for school-age children who might not otherwise respond to more passive types of mental health services.

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